How long does employee screening take

Employee screening is not a process to do hurriedly especially if it involves several people.  To get fully accurate picture about history of an applicant could be involving when it requires searching multiple databases.  Employers might view this as lengthy process that prevent them form hiring soon as they expected.

Complexity of searching for information is the reason why employee screening services exist. They are run by professionals who know the databases to use when finding specific information therefore can complete the process faster. Professionals know exact information to enter in each database to generate quality results.

Nonetheless, screening quality employees is not a simple thing even for professional services as each person has lived a different life. It might be the reason who some screening companies will promise results within different times. It could take 24 hours at some while others need around 72 hours but produce comprehensive result.

 Danger of fast Internet background searches

There are some internet searches which guarantee instant information that provides summary about any person soon entering required information. These quick background checks will provide speedy results but chances of getting accurate information are slim. Swift searches have a tendency of accessing databases which have not been updated recently meaning the answers that they generate will not provide represent recent portrait about an applicant’s past.

Realistic employee screening time frame

More factual time frame will take anywhere from 72 hours for minimal search and up to a full week for detailed reports. Certain screenings like security agency checks might take up to a month for comprehensive reports to be available.

These are projections for ideal conditions but they guarantee mot accurate information about an employee.   Employee screening has become a popular thing. Ways to make the process seamless as possible will be developed   therefore, the time it takes to do a comprehensive review of a persons background will keep on reducing.  It will not be unusual to find databases that can provide accurate details about a person within minutes.

Lack of Information slows screening

Some employers wonder why an employee screening service will take long. The main challenge is that important information for reliable pre-employment screening might not be readily available. The minimum information is full legal name, date of birth and social security number for certain searches. Without this information,   background search will grind to a halt.
On top of these details, it is impossible to progress with the search if there is no compliance with some federal laws. For instance, when searching for information related to finances or credit score, it might require authorization from a job applicant.

Employee screening service cannot progress without it but it also means that the potential employees will know they are getting screened. However, it will be an opportunity to gauge their honesty. Anyone who refuses to authorize background search shows there is something to hide. A good screening service can determine if an applicant tries to change something after allowing screening which proofs the person is unreliable. Learn how to avoid bad employees.