How Mercedes Became A Global Luxury Auto Brand


Daimler-Benz which is Mercedes-Benz today first developed their gasoline powered motor vehicle in 1886. After the World War I, the company’s engineering efforts were thwarted by a new political movement that also exploited other German industries. The Nazi regime took advantage of the automaker for its own political agenda. Mercedes-Benz however happened to be the most luxurious cars produced by Germany that the Nazi Party leader, Adolf Hitler enjoyed most. The relationship between Mercedes-Benz and Hitler propelled the company for two decades. The automaker would manufacture numerous vehicles and other equipment that were used in the country’s war effort.


A lot of vehicles were manufactured in Germany during the Nazi era. Even as World War II began, numerous pictures of Adolf Hitler giving the Nazi salute from one of his numerous Mercedes-Benz vehicles are still in record. This is just a proof of Mercedes engineering excellence and political instability that co-existed in those troubled times.


Mercedes-Benz manufacturing continued even after the Second World War. The automaker started the production of passenger cars when the war ended. The 170 V model was the initial passenger car that was used as a delivery van, ambulance and police patrol car. Massive production of the Saloon model and completely new vehicles started in 1947. An unusual model of Mercedes-Benz was produced in 1948. This was a small car with a length of 3.70 meters. Its features included 2 doors, a front bench seat of 3 people and a rear small bench seat. The car was driven by a 4-cylinder engine but however remained in the project stage.


In 2 February 1953, Daimler-Benz board decided to manufacture a car with lower labor and material costs that were 15-20 times lower than those of the 170V model. In 1956, W 122 was Mercedes new vehicle but unfortunately, it wasn’t mass produced because some of the companies existing models appeared somehow obsolete and there was also the question of whether to produce a small Mercedes-Benz and a large DKW.


The W116 S-Class was introduced in 1972 which succeeded previous models dating to the mid 1950’s. The S-Class model has continued to be a top model for Mercedes-Benz. The model is known for its superior features which include powerful drive-trains, safety systems, comfortable interior features and unique Mercedes Rims. The S-Class is the world’s best-selling sedan and the 2013 W222 S-Class is the latest generation.


A unique version of the S-Class is the S-Guard which is an armored version. The S-Guard features the capability to withstand some types of explosive devices, small arms fire and a self-sealing fuel tank. With today’s issues of terrorism and insecurity, the S-Guard is mostly used by dignitaries. The S-Class has received several awards because of its exceptional engineering.


Today, Mercedes-Benz still exists as one of the best luxurious car automaker. Other than luxury cars, the company also produces buses, coaches and trucks. In addition to that, the automaker prides in its own Formula One Team that has scooped numerous wards from the 1950’s to present day. The company also provides automobile repairs and financial services.

Mercedes-Benz continues to impress its global market with its innovative technology in its vehicles.